Choosing the latest communication systems for competition [Archives:2004/759/Business & Economy]

August 29 2004

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
Yemen has chosen the most state-of -art communication systems in the world known by “CDMA” to be the first Arab country to use this system. This comes after Yemen has managed to adopt in an advanced way the use of electronic riyal service and occupied the third place in the Arab region.
The CDMA system is an advanced one in its developed technological and services characteristics in the GSM networks.
The MH2 band capacity of this system is 1.25 as it forms in the GSM/02 and channels as a one cell transmission/reception in the CDMA, i.e. 45 while in the GSM is A. the number of subscribers who can contact at the same moment from the same cell can be 405 in CDMA system and 66 in the GSM system.
There are 460 models of the new system available on the market and 46 classified companies and 415 models of the type CDMA 2000. The new system provides video recordings, according to demand, along with compact cameras and RUIM chips.
The Yemeni government has opened the competition in the area of offering GSM services and has refused renewal of a contract monopolizing the competition between the two companies of SABAFON AND SPACETEL. Sources at the state establishment of communications have affirmed that the establishment has already finished technical supplies for operating the CDMA system covering all regions of the republic of Yemen.
It is expected that the concerned parties would shortly announce about the tender to companies intending to invest in this field after the termination of the competition contract of SABAFON AND SPACETEL Yemen.