Civil education guests coming from Amman & California [Archives:2003/694/Local News]

December 15 2003

Women's Forum for Researches and Training (WFRT), through the Civil Education Unit, is receiving a civil education delegation Dec. 15 to 17, comprising of Muna Darweesh, President of Arab Civil Education Network, and Jay Taylor, representing the International Civil Education Network in California.
The program of the visit calls for meetings of the delegation with representative of the Ministries of Education and Human Rights, Education and Research Center, and active civil establishments in the field of human rights and democracy.
The forum will organize an introduction and discussion session between the delegation and civil establishments and reporters in Sana'a on Dec. 16 at Haddah Hotel Hall.
The delegation will also pay a short visit to the office of the forum in Taiz.
The visit comes for the purpose of studying the cooperation aspects between the Network on one hand, and government agencies tasked with education and human rights, and civilian establishments on the other, in respect to including civil education programs in Yemeni Curriculum.
The delegation will also consider the creation of a Yemeni Civil Education Network as well. As a founding member of the Arab Civil Education Network, the WFRT had contributed in the first conference of the Network in Amman, Jordan, in 2002.
The forum is considered the first non-governmental Yemeni establishment, which created a unit dealing with the civil education as it senses the importance of this aspect.
The forum organized two major activities this year under the auspices of the Minister of Education, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Human Rights and which were attended by a number of educational leadership, researchers, reporters, human rights activists, and women leaders.