Civil service DGs sit for training program [Archives:2005/886/Business & Economy]

October 17 2005

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
The ministry of civil service is currently implementing a training program including directors generals for personnel affairs at administrative units. The training program is in cooperation with he scientific council for systems and applied sciences and the Jordanian establishment of investment development and administrative training. The program is part of training programs project of modernizing civil service and aims at qualification of ninety trainees of general managers for employees affairs at administrative units and to improve their performance as well as making them acquainted with the program fro modernizing civil service and the best way for management work.

The participants discus basics in managing the public sector and the changing role of the state in addition to ideal methods for re-structuring and analyzing the organizational structure and re-organizing and simplifying procedures.

The program comes within the framework of the civil service ministry effort for building employees institutional capabilities in targeted government institutions to re-build the officialdom structure. The present stages of present administrative reform focus on administrative and financial reform and not only the financial aspect as was the trend in the past.

The program would enable the participants implement modernization program in their ministries and institutions out of their posts in managing human resources. It would also give opportunity for each trainee to demonstrate his abilities and to get acquainted with aspects of strength and weakness in them. The idea of the program is based on the blending between world, Arab and domestic experiments.

On the other hand there is another program under implementation for training for pivotal teams organized by the ministry of civil services over 12 days in association with the Lebanese Team International Company with the aim of strengthening abilities of working cadres in the field of reforming and modernizing the state administrative apparatus and enabling them to undertake their role.

The program in which 50 members of pivotal teams would include theoretical lectures and practical applications on tasks of pivotal teams and presenting the work for the strategic re-structuring and improvement of performance and modern trends in public administration.

The participants are also to be acquainted with principles of good judgment and managing diversity, integration, strategic planning process, modern administration of human resources, and planning for human resources. In addition to that there are basics of the restructuring and elements of success for them and the ideal methods for engagement the private sector in this area.