Civil Society organisations role activated [Archives:2004/758/Community]

July 26 2004

Taiz Bureau
An intellectual forum organized by Al -Noaman Youth Cultural Forum was held in Alsaeed Cultural Forum hall of Alsaeed establishment on 19 July 2004, under the title “what do the youth require from President Saleh”. A large number of educated persons and youth have attended.
The forum was opened by a word of Mr. Lutfi Noaman, the Chairman, in which he ascertained of the President's interest in the Youth sector since his ruling, through constitutional establishments and the democracy, to upgrade the youth's thought and their enthusiasm towards prosperous future.
The youth submitted three paper works indicating the necessity of activating the role of civilian society, the media and press organizations upon what the President relied towards the youth and in activating the political movements and the cultural in addition to the necessity of the public contribution in the same line, where he addressed the youth to avoid violence, extremism, fanaticism and accept the principle of the dialogue, and the peaceful transfer of power.
Discussions and interventions were opened, which matter encouraged the calling for more interest in the youths. Meanwhile, the participants tendered their thanks in a cable to President Saleh, on occasion of his ruling anniversity. The forum was attended by Sheik Jaber Abdullah Ghaleb, Branch Head of GPC in Taiz and Mr. Faisel Saeed Farae Mudhaji, the General Manager of Al-Saeed Science & Cultural establishment, Taiz.