Civilized Governance at Its best: A Great Nation Rises to More Greatness [Archives:1999/07/Front Page]

February 15 1999

On Friday, February 12th, 1999, the US Senate brought the trial of President William Jefferson Clinton to a close. The man was found “Not Guilty” on the two impeachment charges that were brought against him.
But that is not the real story.
The real story is that the Americans, building on the wisdom of their founding fathers, are perfecting what is already the best system in the world today. They have a highly developed sense of checks and balances between the structures of government which can stop the excesses of any one individual, group or authority.
Many societies – including Europeans – had complained about what they saw as the puritanical zeal of the US system. Today, it is clear that the Americans knew what they were doing.
No system on earth can hold its top person to such a level of accountability. Americans have a right to be proud of their system of government.
As a Yemeni and an Arab, it is quite frustrating for me to see such excellence in governance and compare it to the rotten situation back in Yemen. Will there come a time when we Yemenis and Arabs can hold our rulers accountable for even some of their decisions? Think about it.