Cleaning campaign of old Sana’a Started [Archives:2002/37/Local News]

September 9 2002

Organized and supported by Al Kapoos Company in cooperation with Bab Assalam Charitable Association, the Mayor of the Capital Secretariat, Ahmad Al Kuhlani, has inaugurated the cleaning week of the old Sana’a last Thursday. The cleaning workers supported by old Sana’a inhabitants initiated the campaign. This initiative comes after the recent threats of the International Committee for Preserving Historical Cities (ICPHC) to cancel the nomination of Sana’a as an international heritage deserving preservation if the deterioration of the city continued. The threats of the ICPHC were due to the negligence of the concerned authorities and deterioration which old Sana’a was recently exposed to. In his speech, Al Kuhlani said that about YR. 100.000 is the annual expenditure of the government on cleaning the city and it is very important to take care of the city as a human heritage.