Clearance of the YJS Membership Completed [Archives:1999/27/Local News]

July 5 1999

The Yemeni Journalist Syndicate declared on Saturday, July 2 the completion of the clearance membership in the syndicate. The process is done in accordance with the regulations of the second general conference of the syndicate which was held in the middle of March 1999 and in application of article 34 of the new system of the syndicate, which asserts the clearance of the members of the syndicate within three months of concluding the conference’s activities.
Around 1131 applicants applied to the syndicate council to get applications for membership before May 20 1999. While around 752 members completed the procedures for membership, the syndicate council accepted 270 of them. The others were enrolled in the other three files of membership, i.e. in the not working, affiliated or undergoing preparatory training periods. The possibility of accepting applicants is still open. Members can obtain their cards in the coming few weeks.