Clearing up 43 landmined regions in Al-Naderah [Archives:2004/728/Local News]

April 12 2004

The National Committee for the Eradication of Landmines is currently supplementing the work of the branch of the Executive Center for the Eradication of Landmines in Hadramout Governorate, with necessary equipment.
Minister of State and Chairman of National Committee for Eradication of Landmines, Mr. Qassem Al-Agum, stated that a trained crew would join in the current field work crew in Hadramout, working to eradicate landmines in the governorate.
The Minister pointed out that the field teams working in central regions (Al-Naderah province) have cleared 43 landmine planed fields and lands have been placed under the control of the local authority in the province in order to be handed out to the legitimate owners.