Co-education [Archives:2006/973/Community]

August 17 2006

Yasmeen Al-Haddad

Islam encourages education of science and it does not say that boys learn together and girls study together.

I agree with co-education.

The prophet peace be upon him and his kinsmen Saying, “Be searching for education from request to grave,” and he said, “Request the education even in China.”

We come to learn not to compare co-education.

Nowadays co-education exists in most of schools and learning organizations and that means after school co-education is obligatory.

If you don't study and you get work, it is necessary to have mixing between genders.

I believe that we spend more than twelve years in school not to stay at home, and say that there are boys and they will be study with us, but we should contain our study because life consists of hard work.

In some villages we rarely find schools and males studying with females is often forbidden.

It is true in some families that females study with males, surely we judge that with full ignorance as they issue those ignorant laws.

In addition, if we look in the towns we find schools of co-education

What will women do after school?

Will we stay at home?

After twelve years of study are you willing to give up all those years of school?

That is not equitable and lacks logic, we should make all efforts to use our education and not give up our studies.

If we suppose the male will insult the female we can change that.

If she is polite, respected and modest, I think that the boys do not dare to take and to harm her, but if she is the opposite, she is determining her fate.


Do you think that co-education is a good way to learn?

Yes, because I believe that we spent more than twelve years in school not to stay at home and say that there are boys and they will study will us, but we should continue our studies because life consists of hard work.

Some People say co-education is a western idea, those people are wrong because they did not hear the prophet peace be upon him when he said, “Be search for education from request to grave.” And the Islam side study we judge for people that they are not equal.

Are there positive sides of Co-education?

No they are not positive sides because they want to lose our time in sully words and to lose our study.

Are there negative sides of co-education?

Yes, they were negative because they judge co-education as bad and they did not know that the society consists of male and female.

If you were to choose between segregated education and co-education, which one do you prefer?

I prefer co-education because when we finish studies at school and we want to study at collage there are no segregated studies.