Coalition of civil societies denounce preventing Sana’a University Student’s organization right [Archives:2005/880/Local News]

September 26 2005

SANA'A -Sept. 24- The Yemeni Civil Society coalition, denounced the efforts of denying Sana'a university students their right in organizing themselves. The coalition considered this a violation of rights guaranteed by article 58 of the Yemeni constitution. It urged the University authorities to cancel all the decisions and regulations that ban partisan activity in the university. The university regulations ban political activity, which is unconstitutional, because the student's practices are not political, and they are just forming associations that protect their rights. Membership in poetical parties is a constitutional right for all citizens, and the university has got no right to use it as a pretext to punish the students for it. All students have the right to organize themselves regardless of the parties they are affiliated to. The university is supposed to be a place for qualifying their students to be tolerant leaders, who often observe other's rights. It is a pity that the executions of these decisions are to be carried by riot and terrorism combat forces.