Commemoration of Dr. Saqqaf [Archives:2000/22/Front Page]

May 29 2000

This week, one year ago, on 2nd of June 1999, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, Founder of Yemen Times died in a traffic accident in Hadda Street. On the occasion of his first death anniversary, Yemen Times is organizing a commemoration ceremony on Saturday, 3rd of June 2000, in remembrance of his role in founding Yemen Times, in championing human rights, civil society, economy, and in many other fields. The commemoration is planned to take place in the Police Academy Club. During the ceremony, some friends and relatives of Dr. Saqqaf will be participating through speeches and poems as a tribute to his great past and achievements. The invitation is open to all who want to attend. YT will be dedicating next issue to Dr. Saqqaf’s memory.