Commercial Conflicts Lead to Kidnapping in Yemen [Archives:2000/23/Interview]

June 5 2000

The son of the well known businessman, Mr. Ali Saeed Al-Asbahi is still in the custody of Sheikh Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mazami from Mazam area in Khawlan, 80kms. away from the capital city of Sana’a.
It is worth mentioning that armed group belonging to Al-Mazami had kidnapped Saeed Ali Al-Asbahi last Monday evening from in front of the Ambassador hotel in Hodeida.
Yemen Times’ corespondent went to Khawlan and met Sheikh Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mazami. When we asked him about the reason of kidnapping, he said: ” We do not want to arrest the son, but we were obliged to do this after all our law efforts failed to strike a deal about our dues with Abdulmawla Saeed Al-Asbahi. We do not want to extort amount, but to put pressure on the management of Saeed Al-Asbahi Corporation to pay our legitimate money worth YR 161 million.
The deal between Abdulmawla Saeed Al-Asbahi, Manager of the branch of the corporation in Sana’a and us was struck for selling cars to him in the name of the corporation. We have official documents to prove that. When we tried to sell the properties of Abdulmawla that he gave to us as a guarantee, the inheritors objected. They sent Abdulmawla to prison as a camouflage to us. So, there was no way for us to regain our money, but to kidnap this guy”.
The father of the kidnapped claimed that the authorization of Al-Mazami is forged by Abdulmawla, and there is no relation between the kidnapping and with what Abdulmawla has done. The properties of inheritors, especially the house of the mother is impossible to be sold.
Hassan Azaidi of Yemen Times met the kidnapped who said: ” I tried to defend myself when seven persons rushed me to their car, but I could not do that. They took me by force to their car. Then they took me to this their area and put me in this ‘Dewan’. What I insist on is that each of the contending parties should refer to law and abide by the court’s judgement. I would like also to say to my father that he must protect his rights and properties. I have received good hospitality and generosity from these people. The place is comfortable and everything is quite normal”.
He added: ” We do not have any relation with the commercial treatment between Al-Mazami and my uncle Abdulmawla. What is happening now is that we stand by my uncle even if we do not have any relation with the commercial transactions. I appreciate your esteemed newspaper to visit me here and again I would like to say to my father not to worry and that I am in an excellent health.
By Hassan Al-Zaidi