Commercial Exhibitions Not Very Good [Archives:2001/38/Business & Economy]

September 17 2001

Muhammed Shouaee Hassan
The Commercial Exhibitions are forming useful markets that combine diversity of goods, foodstuffs and other consumption materials. These exhibitions meet the demands and tastes of the people throughout offering goods of high quality and international specifications.
Manager of the Syrian exhibition believes that the Yemeni people are welcoming the productions offered by the Syrian corporations.
During the summer exhibition held at EXPO center Saeed Taha, a manager of one of the wings, said the exhibition is offering foodstuffs and other consumables presented by Yemeni and Foreign commercial agencies and corporations. These goods, he added, are distinguished with high quality and low price. On some occasions, reductions reach up to 30%.
Muhammed Najeeb, one of the consumers visiting the exhibition, said that there is no doubt the exhibitions form good markets for the people, which give them a chance to make their choice and find their tastes between the accumulated goods. It also gives them a chance to get to know the new productions of the local and foreign corporations. However, in this exhibition he could not find the materials he used to purchase which meet his tastes. The reason, he added, is that the materials offered in the exhibition not used in preparing Yemeni food.
Regarding the nonessential materials, Muhammed Najeeb said the price of the furniture, electronics and other luxurious goods is expensive, which people with limited incomes cannot afford.
Another visitor said that he found many materials in the exhibition, but he did not purchase any because they did not meet his taste.
Saeed Taha, one of the organizers of the exhibitions at the expo center, said that the products offered are among the best manufactured by international corporations according to the highest standards.
Regarding the high price of the materials, Saeed Taha believes that producing the materials, transporting them to the exhibition, and distributing them cost the organizers a lot. Also, those who are dreaming of profits made the price of the materials a little bit high.

Low incomes:
Another visitor, an employee at the ministry of education, said that there was a sort of reduction in the price of the materials offered during the exhibition, but not encouraging in comparison to the prices before reduction. He added that the low incomes of the people who form the majority of the visitors did not allow them to purchase more than a few materials.
Thus, the commercial exhibitions would keep fluctuating between the organizers and the consumers who made contradictory views regarding the price and the new materials of high quality. Throughout their exhibition, the organizers should take into consideration the demands and tastes of the consumers who they are targeting.
Also, the exhibitions should focus on people with limited incomes, who form majority of the visitors, interested in getting lower prices for their daily consumer goods.