Committe to fight corruption takes action [Archives:2007/1078/Local News]

August 20 2007

SANA'A, Aug. 18 – The Supreme committee for fighting corruption, headed by Mr. Ahmed Al-Anesi, and the officials of the Central Organization for Control and Audit, held an extensive meeting on Saturday, August, 18. Al-Anesi stated that the meeting discussed the coordination work mechanisms between the committee and the COCA so as to enhance fighting corruption, finding financial as well as administrative imbalances, and perusing the tasks of the organization and its progress.

Al-Anesi also added that the Central Organization will represent the right hand in the committee's work. It will inform the committee with any imbalances and dysfunctions or any corruption issues in any institutions after finalizing all aspects of legal verification in this respect. So, the committee will be able to exercise its tasks.

He went on to say that the committee is continuing its works to finalize studying executive regulatory and legal bylaws because they need an elaborating study to bring them into a complete and proper picture. They must not go against effective and executed laws and bylaws, according to him.

Al-Anesi stated that the committee is going to ratify the operating budget which will be presented to the concerned parties to approve it. He also said that some newspapers published some news about the dispute over the salaries of the committee members, saying: “Those people want to make the committee leave its work and main tasks by engaging it in unimportant issues.”” Further