Committee for Volleyball Competitions & Referees Formed [Archives:1998/09/Sports]

March 2 1998

On Thursday, February 26, 1998, the Yemeni Volleyball Association, headed by the President of the association, Mr. Adel Wadi, held its periodical meeting. The association members discussed several issues concerning the sport activities. In addition, they discussed the necessary preparations for the Excellent League General Tournament which will start during April. The session ended with forming a committee for referees and competitions as follows:
Mohammed Al-Hashimi, president.
Moneer Al-Kaff, secretary.
Mohsin Saleh, member.
Hussein Awad, member.
Abass Qa’ed, member.
Faisal Shokrah, member.
Mokhtar Abdulkader, member.
During the session, a letter was sent to the Minister of Youth and Sport to direct the participation of the juniors team in the championships, which will be held in Qatar and Oman. A directive was issued for all volleyball excellent-league clubs to announce the beginning of the tournament.