Companies compete for Aden Terminal [Archives:2005/808/Business & Economy]

January 17 2005

Aden Bureau
More than 9 international companies compete for the concession of managing and operating Aden Container Terminal including Chinese and Filipino companies.

It is anticipated that the Chinese companies will be awarded the contract. The supervising governmental panel responsible for selecting a new international operator for Aden Container Terminal held a meeting with specialized international and regional company experts on Wednesday January 12, 2005, to examine applications to manage the Terminal during the second half of the current year.

Representatives of the companies have conducted a ten-day field survey to the Terminal, and studied the data and researches pertaining to the port and its key establishments.

The supervisory panel along with the companies representatives have listened to queries and questions connected to the financial and technical aspects.

Proposals submitted by the companies are to be analyzed by the panel during the following months. Then the name of the successful application(s) will be announced. The successful company will start its duty in July. Deadline for receiving applications is February 16.

It is reported that the government has assigned a Dutch company to draft a strategic plan for upgrading Aden Port's marketing activities so as to enable it to grow into a regional center for receiving and re-shipping the containers to different countries worldwide.