Companies vie to get Yemen railways [Archives:2005/808/Local News]

January 17 2005

Mohammed bin Sallam
A number of international construction companies compete for getting licenses to execute the project of railway and highway in Yemen.

“US, Polish and European companies are at the present time working on the required technical studies in order to get these projects either by investment and ownership system, while the companies are to guarantee the required finance of these projects,” 26th Sep. weekly said in its issue of 13 Jan.

The source mentioned that the General Investment Authority (GIA) teamed up with the Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of Public Works and Roads to prepare the needed data and technical studies related to investment opportunities in the sector of roads and railways.

The government has previously discussed the projects of railways and highways in Yemen so as to attract the foreign investment and help decrease the high rate of unemployment.

The Cabinet ordered the concerned ministries to prepare the practical plans and proposals in order to execute these projects due to serve the economic development in Yemen.

The project of railway will start from Haradh (to the north) to Aden and then to the Yemeni border with Oman. It is expected that there will be high revenue with respect to improving the coastal tourist areas as well as upgrading bilateral trade between the neighboring countries.