Competing for Naz’s Cup: Wahdah of Sanaa Vs Ahli of Sanaa [Archives:1999/20/Sports]

May 17 1999

Today, Monday 17th, Ahli of Sanaa is to play against Wahdah of Sanaa in a Althowrah Sports Stadium. The match is being played for the Prince Naseem’s Cup which will be handed over to the winner by the World Featherweight Champion himself, who has been visiting his country. Prince Naseem along with family members arrived in Sanaa last Thursday in a several day visit during which they will take part in the Emigrants First General Conference.
In a statement to the press, Prince Naseem expressed his thanks and appreciation to his fans inside Yemen for their sincere interaction with him in all his boxing contests. He also said that every new victory is dedicated to every Yemeni in the world.
Prince Naseem disclosed that he is preparing for a coming contest with a new challenger from the United States of America.