Complaint Against a CC Member [Archives:1999/35/Local News]

August 30 1999

Mr. Jamal Al-Awadhi, the Office Manager of the Consultative Council’s Human Rights and NGOs Committee stated that he sent a letter to the President of the Republic and to the Chairman of the CC complaining of insults and humiliation caused yesterday by Abdulhameed Al-Haddi, a member of the same committee. Al-Awadhi described the incident as “inhuman and unjustified” -in contrast of the objective of the committee- and showed that the morals of some members have degraded to a minimum level. According to him, Al-Haddi came into his office, pulled him from his coat, attempted to beat and kick him out of his own office, and destroyed some of the objects in the office in a hysterical manner, all this in front of other employees. “The condition of the committee has been going from bad to worse after its active chairman, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf died three months ago. The reason this incident happened is that Al-Haddi wanted to be the chairman of the committee and asked for my support, which I refused to offer. I used to be the right arm of Dr. Al-Saqqaf, and now that he is gone, he wanted to kick me out of my office.” He concluded.