Complex of middleman,Emerges in Japanese products trade with Yemen [Archives:2004/753/Business & Economy]

July 8 2004

A symposium held in Sana'a recently revealed the existence of what is known as the complex of intermediacy in the trading of Japanese products exported to Yemen and recommended the necessity of surmounting it in order to improve the balance of trade between the two countries.
The participants in the symposium, organized by the independent Al-Isbou newspaper, have stressed the significance of dispensing with services of the so-called middleman to strengthen commercial relations between the two countries directly. The symposium was held under a title “Commercial Middleman in Japanese products trade in Yemen”. Taking part in the symposium were the Japanese ambassador to Yemen and agents of Japanese products in Yemen.
Mr Hussein al-Udaini, assistant of Customs Enterprise for Technical Affairs has explained in the symposium that consumption of the Yemeni market consumption of Japanese products is very great but little of them come directly from the Japanese market and much proportion of them comes from neighbouring countries known as the third- party intermediary. He added that the reason why the Yemeni agents tend to buy Japanese products from the Gulf market is the cheapness of their prices compared to their prices in the manufacturing country.
On his part the Japanese ambassador to Sana'a Mr Yuichi Ishii indicated that here were many factors made the Gulf countries as economic market for Japanese products and a third intermediary party for exporting Japanese products to Yemen.
The participants in the symposium have come to a conclusion of confirming the importance of non-existence of the middleman between the two countries and that opportunities of dispensing with such a measure are existing.
On the other hand the Japanese government has offered a YR 16 million riyal grant as part of Japan's support for the projects related to human security which is to finance the project for improving the health and beauty situation of the city of Ghaidha in the governorate of Mahra.