Complimentary Electionsin Sana’a Came through [Archives:2001/09/Local News]

February 26 2001

SEC failed to conduct complementary elections in Sana’a due Sunday after being put off due to people’s objection to voting cards late arrival and reducing candidates number.
Fully armed tribal groups from Hamdan, Sana’a governorate, had stopped the election process in constituency No. 236, as the committees delayed distributing cards until the middle of the day. Moreover, the SEC had decreased the centers from 20 to 18, a step viewed by YCRP, Islah, as a blow to restrict their control as the party expected full support in all these centers. Demonstrators from the tribes, estimated at more than 10,000, carried heavy weapons objecting to the SEC step and to face any military campaign that may be conducted against them.
In a statement to YT, a reliable source in Islah, Hamdan, hold the SEC accountable for all the chaos and delay.
Complementary elections in other centers witnessed conflicts and disputes between Islah and PGC, especially as the SEC announced varied results on which Islah got few seats not exceeding 50% of what Islah has already declared.
In a report issued 25.2.2001, Islah indicated that till 10:30 voting cards had not reached the following areas: Hamdan district, al-Haymah al-Kharjiah district, in al-Jubain center (W) constituency No 247. In Jehanah, electoral committee had got cards on referendum of the constitutional amendments, those for centers representatives. However, the committee did not receive those for districts representatives. This has made the original committees along with voting committees use pieces of paper to vote. Chaos continue to prevail the whole atmosphere in many districts which may bread violence in case security interferes to settle things, especially after orders by President Saleh to face any terrorist acts.