Computer… would it help increase production in Yemen? [Archives:2004/703/Business & Economy]

January 15 2004

Would the computer finds a marketable trading market or is it still at the beginning of the road leading to a big promotion for computer machines and benefiting from them in future?
It seems the there are many questions but the important thing is would the institutions and companies benefit from computer statements and figures and also the internet language and to what extent the people utilize the computer for the interest of any party it is used?
No doubt the computer has an ideal relationship to the increase of production and organization of works and programs related to bilateral relations, but companies and establishments in Yemen, despite of possessing computer machines, many of them do not use but very few.
A field study mentions that the computer in newly used in Yemen and many people are ignorant about how to use it and its benefits. Computers mostly are bought for decoration or for teaching children as for big businesses they do not use it that much. The study estimated the average of companies and establishment's benefiting from computers as not forming more than 255 of the number of computers possessed by the people and consequently 75% of the computer equipment available at the markets are used at communications centers and internet cafes for browsing.
The study estimated that the Yemeni people are unaware of much information on computer equipment and their programs. Dealers in computer say the desire for possessing computers is dropping in the countryside to a less than 8% while it reaches at 18% in rural areas.
Companies and establishments owners are not acquainted with information provide by computers, especially pertaining to information and statement they need for developing their performance an guaranteeing safety of entering data in time.
Computers help speed up taking correct decisions in time and that would enable the increase of volume of production and other additional works.
We can conclude here that companies and establishments dealing with and using computers in a scientific manner is still at its beginning and the question is needing of support for increasing production.