Conclusion of a training course on administering NGOs [Archives:2004/769/Community]

September 2 2004

A training course on administering NGOs and how to provide them with continuous funding was concluded at the Youth National Cultural Centre in Taiz. It was organized by the Training & Qualifying Unit Centre, and lasted for the period of 15th – 30th August 2004. The course was participated by 31 trainees from different societies, and supported by the Dutch FRIEDRICH EIBERT STIFTUNG organisation in collaboration with the Arab College for Human Rights in Tunis.
Miss Qisela Truckenbrodt, the Commercial Attache', declared that the Dutch Embassy in Sana'a has supported 12 small projects with the amount of 65,000 Euros, which have succeeded in fighting and alleviating poverty and helping people to upgrade their living standards. It is worth noting that the amount of 7000 Euros is paid to each project and possibly more in exceptional cases, if requested for, and supported by proof of necessary expenditure. She has promised that any project inauguration that takes place will be carried out officially and through the Dutch Embassy, in the presence of officials and the leadership and Local council of the Taiz Governorate. The female and male trainees acquired the know-how of the methods for obtaining financing, identifying the funding agencies, as well as the styles of modern administration and how to administer projects.
The conclusion of the course was attended by Eng. Dummaj Nasr Ahmed al-Odaini, the General Secretary of University Graduates and the Dutch Colleges in Taiz, and Mr. Abdullah Abdul Elah Sallam, The Manager of the Youth National Cultural Centre.