Conclusion of course for Journalists on Human Rights [Archives:2004/720/Culture]

March 15 2004

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
The training course for 22 journalists on human rights concluded on Saturday 13 March, 2004 at Sana'a International Hotel. It was organized by HRITC as part of its program on the role of information, especially the visible media, in spreading human rights principles, in cooperation with Information Rehabilitation and Training Center and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED. The course, the first specialized in how to direct short TV movies and how to utilize them in spreading awareness of human rights principles, lasted two weeks and consisted of lectures on human rights principles, how to write scripts, to direct and to select the contents of TV movies. The participants were given a practical opportunity for TV directing, selecting the appropriate scenes and montage. The participants, representatives of various local, official and private media organizations, news agencies and satellite TV correspondents prepared scripts dealing with real life situations and cases related to human rights and played them out. Another team of participants worked on the role of newspapers in human rights issues and how to present principles of human rights and democracy to the readers.
The course aimed at enhancing the abilities of the information sector in the production of documentary movies related to human rights and the vital role the media could play in spreading and strengthening the human rights culture. In spite of the course's short duration, some felt results covering some concerns related to human rights were produced.

Mr. Ahmed Al-Humady, Under-Secretary at the Ministry of Information for the television and radio sectors, praised the efforts exerted in the documentary movies, which were developed irrespective of the recent experience of the participants in this field. He confirmed that such works enhance the complementary relations between the work of the Ministry and Yemeni Government and the information authorities, in one hand, and the active organizations in the field of human rights.
During the closing ceremony, seven short movies were selected for reproduction, with titles: “Broken Dream”; “The Sin”; “Broken Melody”; “Freedom”; “Unemployment”; “Tires' Children” and :Life in the Margin”.
The participants express their gratitude for the experience and valuable expertise, which will enhance their informative duties in general and in human rights in particular.