Conclusion of first seminar on difficulties & obstacles facing judiciary [Archives:2004/732/Local News]

April 26 2004

Sana'a, Thursday 22 April 2004- The First Discussion Ring on the Difficulties and Obstacles to the Progress of the Commercial Judiciary concluded following a two days of discussions. It was organized by the Ministry of Justice with the participation of a number of related authorities, banks, private sector organisations, the Yemeni Journalist Syndicate, the Federation of Chamber of Commerce, Yemeni businessmen and a number of specialist academics in this field. The discussion ring discussed a number of working papers related to difficulties and obstacles hindering the progress of the commercial judiciary and the suggested solutions, in addition to how to activate the role of the commercial judiciary and improve its performance and the reasons for the shortfalls in the performance of the commercial judiciary in commercial and banking cases.
The ring came up with a number of recommendations aiming to treat those difficulties headed by the importance of activating the recommendations of the judicial conference previously held in Sana'a. It also called for the preparation of a law to govern electronic trade.