Conclusion of scientific symposium on terrorism [Archives:2004/775/Local News]

September 23 2004

Participants in the scientific symposium on terrorism and sea-piracy affirmed that it is important to double the national and worldwide efforts to combat terrorism. They suggested increasing overall coordination and cooperation to dry up sources of terrorist funding by monitoring the flow of finances and determining its sources, seizing, freezing and confiscating suspicious assets. The participants made forty-eight recommendations, including recommending the necessity of composing fair measures to distinguish between charitable societies, which render assistance to the needy, and those which are financing terrorist operations. They also called on Arab media, with all its channels and different means, to effectively participate in showing the normal Arab personality – which sticks to noble humanitarian ethics and ideals – and to recount the real image of Islam.
At the conclusion of the symposium on Wednesday 15th September, the participants also called for restricting religious sermons to being delivered by men of knowledge, and to not give opportunity to half-educated extremists, or religious bigots.