Conclusion of the poverty alleviation strategy symposium [Archives:2003/04/Local News]

January 27 2003

The oriental symposium and workshop on the strategy of poverty alleviation was concluded last Thursday at the Ministry of planning and Development.
The 2-day symposium discussed a number of factors pertaining to education, health, civil society and Uganda trial of implementing this strategy. The symposium was concluded with results and recommendations and defining fields of cooperation and assistance that were the main goals of holding this workshop.
The symposium had been inaugurated on Wednesday by the ministry of planning word delivered by the vice minister Abdul Rahman Tarmoom, followed by the Oxfam word presented by Mrs. Rajni Khanna, then the word of woman national committee delivered by Mrs. Horyan Mashhoor, the word of the civil society organization presented by Mrs. Ramzyah al-Eryani and concept, preparation, goals factors and budgetary issues.
Representatives of the international organizations, representatives of civil society organizations and a number of journalists attended the symposium.