Conclusion of training session on the status of refugees [Archives:2004/750/Community]

June 28 2004

The training session for the Yemeni media focusing on the 1951 Agreement and 1967 Protocol related to the situation of refugees, was held during 14-16 June.
The trainees discussed the issue of international protection and the role of the United Nations High Commission on Refugees, in addition to elaborating on the type of protection available theoretically and how to distinguish a legitimate refugee from others. The session reviewed some of the problems facing refugees in Yemen, and the stances of the Yemeni government and people toward refugees considering that Yemen hosts a large number of refugees, especially from Somalia.
Mr. Khaled Fansah, the legal consultant at UNHCR, presented a detailed explanation of the standards, dimensions and definitions of the 1951 Agreement and 1967 Protocol.
The participants pointed out the importance of having a national law that regulates the rights of refugees and defines and determines the prerequisite conditions to obtain this right.
The training session came following the report that recently discussed in Parliament, which cited violations of refugees' rights and crimes committed by some refugees in Yemen.