Conclusion of Workshop on Tourism Police [Archives:2004/739/Local News]

May 20 2004

By Yemen Times Staff
Taiz Bureau

Under the auspices of the Director of Security in Taiz, Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Al-Olefy, and his Deputy, Col. Yahya Al-Haisame, and the supervision of Taiz Tourism Office, a workshop for members of the Tourism Police was concluded after the participants received, during the period 11-16 May 2004, lectures and practical advice related to the work entrusted to the Tourism Police.
Col. Hamoud Abdul Haq, Director of Tourism Police, Taiz Branch, praised the efforts of the Ministry of the Interior, represented by Dr. Rashad Al-Aleeme, to activate the role of the Tourism Police, which coincides with the deployment of security to strengthen security and stability of the country.