Condemning recent murders A message from the business community [Archives:2003/02/Business & Economy]

January 13 2003

The Yemeni Council of Businessmen and Investors represented by its executive office would like to express its deepest sorrow and pain regarding the recent murders of innocent people.
We totally resent such organized terror carried out by people who have lost their minds and sense of belonging to their religion and their country. They believe that they are coming closer to God by these criminal actions, but God disavows their terrible deeds of which no religion, law or morality approves.
They pursue the law of the devil who causes his followers to create sedition and suffering. He fools them into believing their actions please God and his Messenger. In brief these people know nothing about Islam.
The treacherous, terrorist and criminal operation of assassinating Jar -Allah Omar, the assistant secretary general of the Yemeni Socialist party (may God bless his soul) is a crime targeted against the achievements of freedom and democracy.
Following, the assassination of the innocent American doctors who live peacefully in Yemen and who have fulfilled a humanitarian mission and service to the Yemeni people in Ibb for ages, was really the straw that broke the camel’s back. These serial killings and terrorist operations are from sick, malevolent minds of those who have consideration for nothing. They declare war against their country and nation.
They want to eliminate the stability and social peace in the country. At the matter of fact, they challenge and refuse the principles of real Islam that invite people to cooperate, be friends and live in peace and harmony. Islam invites people to live amicably above all.
The YCBI, in performing its national role, has a deep sense of responsibility and duty towards all that affects the stability of Yemen and hinders its development. It sees the effects of these terrorist actions as being very harmful to the reputation of the country and its interests.
Great harm is being done to the economical, social and development reality in the country. The chances for more investment inside are becoming less and less because of fear and worry among investors. That of course increases poverty and unemployment in Yemen.
The YCBI stands by the political leadership of Yemen’s President Ali Abduallah Saleh in his campaign to face this destructive phenomena and protect the interests and stability of the country. After all, the safety and security of Yemen is our common denominator.
We pray, may God bring back those who join the lion of terror and crime to their minds. May God protect Yemen and its people from sedition, machination and conspiracy.
The Executive Office of the YCBI