Conference against spread of small arms concluded [Archives:2003/695/Culture]

December 18 2003

Hassan Al-Zaidi
The International Conference against the Spread of Small arms, which was attended by a number of international experts, concluded in Sana'a last week.
Mr. Atef Al-Ghuhdayan, Director or the Regional Center for Human Security, presented a paper on small weapons from human security standpoint emphasizing that these weapons kill approximately half a million individuals, and 90% of war victims are innocent civilians.
Mr. David Jackman, an international expert, also presented a paper dealing with the role of non-governmental organizations in the U. N. Conference relative to weapons.
The conference touched on Yemeni studies relating to weapons, and discussed a paper presented by the Swiss Organization against the Use of Weapons.
The spread of light weapons and the role of non-governmental organizations in preventing it were also discussed.
Mr. Al-Ghudhayan, indicated that weapons are easily available in Yemen, and reports show that there about 50 million pieces of light, medium and heavy weapons in the hands of Yemenis.