Conference for young leaders [Archives:2006/972/Local News]

August 14 2006

By: Saeed Al-Batati
Mukalla, Aug. 12 ) Over 130 youth leaders from different governorates of the republic are meeting in Mukalla city for five days with the theme “Hand by hand to build our country.”

Organized by Youth Association for Development and Creativeness (YADC), the conference is funded and sponsored by the Ministry of Oil, the Local Council of Hadramout, Yemen LNG company, UNFPA, Canadian Nexen, KNOG and Schlumberger.

Over the period of Aug 12 to 16 there will be workshops, plenary sessions, focused group discussions and field trips as well as panel discussions. The main objective of the conference is to create a venture where young people share their ideas, experience and goals with one another.

In the first day morning, Dr. Adel Bahumead, a leading activist in youth-related subjects, gave the participants a lecture about the concept of leadership aimed at the young leaders to help them managing their projects and fulfill their desired goals.

In the evening of the same day, the conference was inaugurated officially by the Minster of Oil, Mr. Khalid Bahah, who in his speech eulogized the efforts of the high-flying young organizers.

“I see inner determination in the soul of the organizers to achieve the impossible and that what we miss in most of today's youth