Conference of Arab Dermatologists Association [Archives:2004/750/Local News]

June 28 2004

Taiz Bureau
Marakesh, Morocco- More than 600 doctors from all over the world gathered during the period 31 May to 3 June in Marakesh, Morocco.
Yemen was chosen to host the 10th Conference of Arab Dermatologists Association, which will be held in Taiz in September 2006, in response to an invitation from Dr. Mohamed Al-Sofi, President of Taiz University, Dr. Mohamed Al-Name, Minister of Health and Population and the Yemeni Association against Leprosy.
Dr. Yassin Abdul Aleem was chosen to be the president of the 10th Conference. More than 6000 doctors are expected to attend.
Toward this end, the Minister of Health and Population has issued instructions to commence the preparations for the conference and to form special commissions with designated duties and missions to ensure the success of the conference.