Conference on kidney transplants concluded [Archives:2003/630/Local News]

April 7 2003

The first Yemeni International Conference on Kidney Transplants and Diseases of the Urinary Passages, which lasted for three days, was held at the Aden University Hall concluded on Monday.
The conference was attended by a large number of specialized physicians from different nationalities such as Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Japan, Canada and Austria, beside a delegation from the International Society for Kidney Diseases and Organ Transplants. During the conference, many lectures were delivered followed by discussions and arguments pertaining to the main causes of kidney disease and other ailments of the urinary passages and the various activities in the area of kidney diseases and organ transplants.
The conference confirmed the need for conducting a program with the aim to train Yemeni physicians and nurses on kidney washing and publishing a regular bulletin on kidney diseases protection.
The conference also spotlighted the imperative necessity of rehabilitating new staff and setting up a center for kidney transplants in Aden.
During the conference, six kidney transplant operations were carried out by the surgical team composed of Dr. Faisal Shaheen from the Saudi Transplants Organs Center, Dr. Hussein Al-Kaf preparatory committee head, Dr. Nadi Hakeem, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sayyari and Dr. Anas Zarqa.
The most heart-warming news was that Yemen Times has come to learn that there are seventy Yemeni nationals are ready to donate a kidney each. These people are really and show that there are really many people who wish to de a good deed, and they deserve to be praised for their willingness to sacrifice for their fellow suffering Yemenis.