Conference on Local Councils begins [Archives:2006/956/Local News]

June 19 2006

SANA'A, June 17 ) The fourth conference of Local Councils began Saturday at the May 22 Hall. Themed “Developing Decentralized Systems to Enhance the Participation of Society in Development,” the conference plans to draw ministers, governors, secretary generals, specialized committees heads of districts, and heads of local councils to its proceedings.

Participants, during three days of activities, plan to go over an evaluative review of the local governance systems through the report submitted by the Minister of Local Administration, Sadek Ameen Abu Ras. Further, they will discuss methods of developing and enhancing local governance by overcoming difficulties through the legislative process.

The conference comes in the wake of the success of the last local elections, where all political parties took part. During those elections, harmony existed between heads of administrative units and secretary generals in districts and governorates.

Observers expect that the conference will produce useful results that will set a practical vision for a development plan on local governance. Notably, the conference has invited a large number of participants who will make adjustments to the local governance law.

Additionally, the conference will discuss broadening public participation and will make adjustments granting local councils further authority in administering local affairs. The councils will have more authority over offering tenders, supervising the implementation of local projects, preparing budgets, and making development plans.

New legislative and organizational frameworks will be considered at the conference with the aim of providing the best structures for local councils to work within. Other topics that are planned to be reviewed are the status of construction for local council buildings, capacity-building for local council personnel, and how to support the nomination of more female candidates in the upcoming elections.