Conference on using technology in education [Archives:2004/715/Education]

February 26 2004

Under the patronage of the Minister of Higher Education and with the goal of achieving effective teaching and learning in our educational institutes, a conference on the 'Use of Instructional Technology in Improving Education' will be organized under the auspices of the College of Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology, Sana'a from 1-3 March, 2004.

Technology in Education
Research has shown that technology helps improve the teaching and learning at educational institutions. It encourages students to learn effectively and think critically. The performance of students to meet the standards of higher education is an essential educational objective.
There is a perceived need for the technology to come to the rescue of students to maximize the available resources against this backdrop.
This conference would try to explore the appropriate ways of using instructional technology to improve education in Yemen. The main aim of the conference is to help Yemeni decision makers and educators to use technology in teaching and learning.

Conference aims:
1. To evaluate available technologies in learning and teaching
2. To investigate the role of IT in improving student support, performance and retention
3. To investigate the different methods of how education can be delivered by the technologies available
4. To investigate and evaluate the effectiveness of such technologies for improvement in support services within the context of Yemen in particular and the Middle East in general.

Conference schedule
Some of the case-study based key issues to be addressed are
– Technologies available and opportunities they provide
– Problems and opportunities of their implementation in Yemen.
– An optimal use of the internet, intranet, class-based
– Audio/video conference
– Distance learning
– Administration software
On the concluding day leading Yemeni and non-Yemeni companies will demonstrate their technologies to offer possible solutions to specific problems.
Gust speakers from UK, Bahrain, Malaysia, and Yemen will address the conference
The university of Science and Technology in Yemen aspires to become one of the leading educational institutes in the region by maintaining excellent teaching, an effective learning, quality applied research and outstanding community services. The primary aim of UST is to promote intellectually solid programs that link the wisdom of theory and practice, assist graduates in evaluating, integrating, and using knowledge from multiple sources, and to be able to apply knowledge in their profession.