Conflicting reportsSaleh: al-Eriani is a brave figure [Archives:2005/816/Local News]

February 14 2005

Mohammed bin Sallam
President Saleh recently congratulated Dr. Abdulkarim al-Eriani, his Advisor for Political Affairs and Secretary General of the General People Congress (GPC), for being one of the courageous men and leading Yemeni personalities that hasserved Yemen patriotically, particularly in matters related to the demarcation of borders with neighboring countries.

During his visit to a military campin Hadramout, east of Yemen, the President said: “Dr. al-Eriani contributed much to the national interests of Yemen and his prominent contributions are highly regarded by the leadership and all the Yemeni people as well.

Media reports over the last weeks said that al-Eraini's resigned from his post as a Secretary General for the GPC, the ruling party, because of disputes among leaders at the party, as well as his suffering from some health problems.

Last week, Dr. al-Eriani said he is still doing his tasks as Secretary General of the ruling party and he denied he ever showed any resignation.

Al-Eriani added: “what happened was, due to health problems, all the financial and administrative issues at the PGC were left to Assistant Secretary General at the party, Sadiq Amin Abu Ras Minister of Local Asministration, while I was abroad.”