Conflicts on border demarcation [Archives:2002/39/Local News]

September 23 2002

Tribal sources told the Yemen Times that the authorities demanded the Sheikhs of Bani Nowf Aal Yahya, one of the Dahm tribe in al-Jawf to hand over tribesmen charged of opening fire at helicopter last Wednesday when the president came back to Sana’a after a short visit to al-Jawf governorate.
The sources added that two people have been arrested who are said to taking part in opening fire at the helicopter.
In his speech, the president totally scorned those who have become stumbling block in front of the border Demarcation Company carrying out the Yemen-Saudi borders. He further emphasized that strict and relentless measures will be taken against them.
Meanwhile, the Dehm tribesmen at the Azza and Ashaf Mountains oppose border demarcations and they are still stationed in these areas.
The German company has operated its task while being guarded by military units stationed near the site of border demarcation company.
The company has so far finished fixing 111 border markings out of 298 that should be fixed along the borderline between Yemen and Saudi Arabia.