Considered dangerous Key al-Qaeda suspect kept under security [Archives:2003/05/Front Page]

February 4 2003

Yemeni forces were still imposing a watch, as of Feb. 1, on a medical clinic where an al-Qaeda suspect is receiving treatment in Marib.
Mohammed Ali Al-Zaidi, 34, was seriously injured Jan. 29 after clashes with security men in Marib.
Al-Zaidi killed one soldier and injured another while one of his relatives named Ghalib al-Zaidi was wounded.
Al-Zaidi was then hospitalized to al-Wasit clinic in Marib where he is under the watch of the security.
Meanwhile, the tribes of Jiham and Murad have refused to let the Yemeni authorities take their man and threatened they would fire at the security men if they decide to take him by force.
Tribal sources in Marib told The Yemen Times the situation is very tense as the Jiham tribe requested the support of Murad tribe to defend their man.
The government announced Jan. 30 that al-Zaidi was arrested. It has accused him of kidnapping the German Commercial Attaché, Rainer Burns, July 2001 and considers him as one of the most dangerous people wanted for justice.
It said al-Zaidi who came from Afghanistan is organized meeting for extremists.
Meanwhile, security men are still searching for a kidnapped man from Sanhan.
Sources in Marib said these forces have bombed some houses to pressure the kidnappers from al-Zaidi’s clan to release the hostage who is the son of a key military person.
The kidnappers snatched their hostage from Sana’a two weeks ago to blackmail the government to pay them compensation for the damage caused to their houses by the military during the time of the kidnapping of the German diplomat.