Constituent Council Conference Useful for Yemeni businessmen [Archives:2003/53/Local News]

December 24 2003

Under the auspices of the president of the republic, the Constituent Council Conference for Yemeni Businessmen & Investors was held in Sana’a on December 26. During the conference, secretaries -general were nominated. “The concerned bodies in our country are interested in this field of establishing an organized democratic community capable of participating a lot in the process of social and economic development,’ Mr. Abdusalam al-Athwari, the Rapporteur of the Constituent Council Conference declared.
The conference will protect the Yemeni, Arab as well as foreign investors from any violations that may occur to them in the future. Al-Athwari added that the council will solve the existing problems of those who assume the names of businessmen and accordingly they distort the real image of the Yemeni businessmen.
This could be achieved in coordination with authorities in the immigration and passports not to issue passports under the pretext of being businessmen while in reality they aren’t.
This will harm the real businessmen and therefore they are exposed to deportation measures. Mr. Abdusallam made clear that the council has done its best to cope with the state’s tendencies. He called on Yemeni businessmen and investors in and outside the country to join the council for overcoming difficulties and to avoid complexities that may occur.
During the closing ceremony, Mr. Hussein has been elected as chairman, Mr. Mohammed Hassan Azubeiri, vice chairman, Mr. Towfeek al-Khameri, Vice chairman, Mr. Abdusallam al-Athwari, secretary-general, Mr. Towfeeq Mohammed Thabet the chairman of the Financial Committee.