Constitutional Amendments Opposed [Archives:2000/42/Local News]

October 16 2000

The Yemeni Opposition Coordination Council recently announced refusal of proposed constitutional amendments. In its meeting last Wednesday the council decided not to address the parliament in regard to the amendments when they are referred to as referendum. The Council reported that the amendments were purported to concentrate power within the Presidents hands and entitled him to control both the legislative and Judiciary authorities. It added that they (amendments) would turn the country back to ages of dictatorship and monopoly of authorities which would, in the long run, block democracy, and civil and political freedoms.
A PGC MP described the oppositions stance as useless since the amendments would be referred to the public. I wonder why some opposition parties asked for amendments and when their demands are fulfilled they oppose, he said adding that they only oppose for the sake of opposition.
On the other hand, the ad hoc committee for constitutional amendments, headed by Speaker of the parliament, Sheikh Abdullah Ben Hussain Al-Ahmar announced organizing a meeting scheduled for tomorrow to discuss the amendments. Political parties as well as chief editors of local newspapers have been invited to attend the meeting.
A source from the committee told Yemen Times that the importance of the meeting layed in the availability of different factions of society to hear their opinions.