Consultation meeting of leaders of Ministry of Justice [Archives:2004/726/Local News]

April 5 2004

On 31 March 2004, began in Sana'a the activities of the first consultation meeting organized by the Ministry of Justice and Heads of Appeal Courts throughout the governorates of the Republic. The meeting aims at the discussion of the role of the judicial authority, in addition to the evaluation of the level of work at the Courts of Appeal.
The speeches of Dr. Abdullah Al-Olefy, Vice Public Attorney, and Dr. Adnan Al-Jafry, Minister of Justice, confirmed the importance of activating and developing the performance of courts.
The second day of the meeting, April 1st, focused on the importance of putting an end to the phenomenon of revenge. This is in accordance with the directive of President Saleh to find a practical solution to eliminate the revenge phenomenon. The meeting concluded with the formation of a commission chaired by Dr. Mohamed Ja'far Qassem, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Justice, to undertake to resolve revenge problems and to promote general reconciliation in the country.