Consumer ProtectionLaw enacted in Yemen [Archives:2005/811/Business & Economy]

January 27 2005

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
The Consumers Protection Law is expected be enacted in the later days to stop smuggling expired merchandise, including foodstuff, medicines and other consumer goods sneaked into Yemeni markets.

Prime Minister Abdulqader Ba Jammal had discussed the law draft with the Chairman and the members of the Board of the Yemeni Society for Consumer Protection (YSCP). They discussed different activities to be carried out by the Society as well as the damage caused bt expired and smuggled merchandise or those not conforming to prescribed specifications and standards of industrial products, foodstuff, crops and drugs.

The meeting also handled ways to improve the Society's relations with concerned governmental authorities, the active role of civil community organization, and also ways to raise public awareness on issues of commercial and industrial fraud, and the specifications and standards.

They pointed out the indispensable role of consumers in responding actively to the whole activities carried out by the Consumer Protection Society, meant to safeguard the people from the risks of smuggled and badly made products, and help save the national economy.

Prime Minister had confirmed the government's support for the Society's activity, especially, in executing the draft of Consumers Protection Law presented by the Society, aiming to strengthen the Society's legal ground. Prime Minister considered the law integral to laws in the framework of comprehensive reformation intended to combat corruption.

He emphasized the importance of broadening the scope of the Society's activity so that it covers more provinces by opening new branches in cooperation and attracting more members especially from among young people. The necessity of such a step is obvious since the society has a function inextricably linked to the life of ordinary people and all of them across the country.

The PM had urged media outlets to completely cooperate with the Society monitoring activity, awareness, and the reporting fraud cases.

Mr. Abdulrehman al-Akwa', Minister of the Youth & Sports, Honorary Chairman of the Society, and Mr. Abdul Salam al-Qamesh, Head of the Society, assured the government's support and their response to the Society issues in a way leading to the success of the Society and its activity.