Continued detention of member of Salafi sect [Archives:2004/741/Local News]

May 27 2004

Political Security Apparatus continues to detain Sheikh Hussein Omar Mahfoudh, one of the moderate scientists and leaders of the Salafi movement.
Sheikh Mahfoudh was arrested by some officers from the Political Security Apparatus on 18 April in the Sheraton neighborhood when he was coming out of a mosque following noon prayers.
Sources said that the sheikh was also detained last year, or subpoenaed for questioning only, as he described it, after his name came up during the interrogations of some detainees suspected of terror-related activities.
Sheikh Mafoudh is the Director of “Abin Al-Ameer” Institute for Legislative Sciences in Sana'a, and he was the Editor-in-Chief of the Islamist Forum and an official at the Yemen “Hekmah” Charity.