Continued from last week: Great Opportunity for Yemeni IT graduates [Archives:2000/16/Science & Technology]

April 17 2000

Germany needs IT-specialists Emerging recruitment programm 
As a follow-up to last week’s article about the opportunity for Yemeni IT graduates to work in Germany, here are additional excerpts from the press release: 
With its initiative, the Federal Government of Germany hopes to eliminate the current shortage of IT specialists over the medium term and to use the employment potential provided by this sector to Germany’s benefit. 
Conditions and Method of Applying for IT positions in Germany: 
The required qualification for computer specialists: University or Technical high school degree in IT technologies and/or communication technologies (bachelor’s or master’s degree) 
Interested and qualified Yemenis or foreigners can apply for a work permit under the newly installed email-address: 
[email protected] 
The Federal Employment Agency (FEA) (Zentralstelle fur Arbeitsvermittlung ZAV, 53123 Bonn, Villemomblerstr, 76) will inform the applicants on the details of the necessary procedures. The FEA will as well examine/recognize the different degrees of the applicants. 
The FEA will have sole responsibility of placement of IT job applicants from abroad. It will simplify the procedures involves. With approval of the FEA, German companies will also be able to recruit top foreign specialists themselves. 
The top specialists recruited will be able to work in Germany for a limited period of time (first three years, extendable up to a total of five years). The working conditions and payment for the foreign specialists will principally be the same as for domestic employees. The selected specialists can come with their families.