Corners Without Support [Archives:1999/50/Focus]

December 13 1999

By: Najmah Ali 
I wrote an article in the Alayyam newspaper titled “Corners Without Supports.” Through that article I talked about the corruption inside the Ministries and corporations, and how this corruption controlled every thing there. 
I also talked about reform program, which covered all the political, economic, cultural and administrative subjects. I mentioned that it does not reflect a strong base in which it can go into the innermost reality and fulfill the aims as a program for reconstruction and reform. 
I dealt with the matter when the President called for a report from all Ministries; complete files which include positive and negative results. All of us know that the President knows what is happening inside the corporations of the state. His attempt to get reports from the Ministries, is intended to evaluate the performance of each Ministry. But why does the government wait for three months to get these results? Is there any need for this long wait? 
We know that the first cause of corruption inside these Ministries is that we do not put qualified men in the appropriate places, and there is a lack of coordination between the different corporations of the state. In addition to this, there is no equal opportunity. 
All should know that the program of political and economic reform is concentrated on one point through which there is no perceptible improvement. 
We hope that Yemen will start a new era in all fields of political, economic, cultural and social spheres. This will not be achieved unless there is an integration in the different possibilities of the state, and there should not be any individual interest. We also hope that the new program of the President will be endorsed by the Cabinet with new qualified Ministers, whose culture and efficiency can improve the performance profile of the Ministries and other governmental corporations. The main cause of corruption is the wrong choice of administrators. Hence, we hope that the government should lay down standards for the performance of Ministries, and to punish those who see performance is not satisfactory. 
We also hope that the new reform program of the President will achieve great progress in the process of development, and revitalize the process of economic and social transformation. 
The important thing through which we can achieve this objective is by stability in policies, separating it from the bureaucratic bottlenecks, which is the principal enemy of development. We are in need of strengthening the main base and to accelerate businesses to develop our economy. 
Finally, I would like to say that the program of reform and reconstruction, even after determining problems and finding solutions, will be useless if there is no action.