Corruption among topicsDobriansky raises big issues [Archives:2005/820/Front Page]

February 28 2005

Mohammed bin Sallam
Paula Dobriansky, US Undersecretary of State for Global Affairs, left Sana'a Thursday evening after an official two-day visit to Yemen. But not before issues, including corruption and human rights violations in Yemen were discussed.

She met with a number of Yemeni officials in the government and civil community organizations, discussing Yemeni-American relationships as well as regional and international issues.

At press conference, Dobriansky said “I discussed with Yemeni officials how to promote the democratic community, combat crime and eradicate corruption from Yemen.”

She also disclosed that the issue of Abdul-Karim al-Khaiwani was discussed with all the officials she met with. “They promised to give priority to this subject,” she said.

Concerning human rights condition in Yemen, the American official commented: “We in the US are concerned with human rights in every corner of the world. There are experts in the US embassy monitoring all violations against political activists in Yemen.”

Mohammed Naji Allaw spoke before the guest, briefing her on the reality of human rights and liberties in Yemen during 2004.

“They were the worst of all. Arrests increased and the ruling party monopolized governance and broke its pledges in relation to human rights.”

He continued, “The security authorities captured thousands of Yemenis without legal reasons, some of whom have served more than four years before trial, having no advocates and no visitation right. They suffered corporal and psychological torture in solitary cells as well.”

He cried: “People here are tried before non-constitutional courts and therefore get unfair trials. The President himself is the chairman of the Supreme Judiciary Council as well as the Executive Authority, and the Parliament follows him directly.”