Corruption is not simply an act:It is a state of mind [Archives:2007/1019/Community]

January 25 2007

By: Abdulaziz Al-Sakkaf
[email protected]

If we continue to ignore, as well as undermine, corruption we need to start soul-digging, hoping to find our true humanely aware conscious. Perhaps it is at hand, but we fear facing corruption with it. We have to understand that the sooner we face it, the faster it will disappear.

Remaining vague about it, whilst knowing that it is an immoral step into the wrong, is even more corrupt than corruption itself. We need to start taking it into account as the number one obstacle that is currently hindering our everyday search for a better Yemen. Not simply trying to get past it and around it every single day.

Great nations are built with great people and the truth is that corruption has taken over our lives as well as perspectives and it has created mistrust in our society; mainly on trusting one another.

A country is civilized when its citizens reach the point after the dot; we are still not even past the first couple of commas so far. We are past the 2006 Presidential elections and awaiting Parliamentary elections in 2008. We have become a sincere democratic system.

With that in mind, then why are we still, in some way or another, affraid of pointing fingers at certain corrupt individuals? And if it finally happens, nothing happens! In that case, why do we even bother ourselves by going to the polls? Maybe our claim of democracy is corrupt too.

In fact, the majority of people are clueless or do not realize how corruption affects our everyday lives. We would not get far in fighting corruption along with corrupt figures. That is for sure. Also, what the government does is insufficient and not up to its capability. Besides, one of the main things that are annoying so much, are speeches that criticize corruption and conclude with no action afterwards.

We need to, and can, begin shaping the future today. In other words, we need to focus on corruption as well as other social negative problems and then implement them into the educational system with the aim of building a healthier civilized society with a clear outlook when it comes to corruption along with other day-to-day issues.

And not neglecting other factors and ways that cannot just end corruption, but kill it by all means. Knowing that, we should be more honest with ourselves about who we are as well as what and who we want to be in the future; as individuals and as a nation.

How can this nation sleep unworried at night knowing that laws are not being implemented? And even law enforcement officials, who are theoretically there to keep us from breaking the law, are fraudulent? Furthermore, the media with all its claims, is part of the answer through more accurate and effective reporting.

As the media is not simply an instrument that covers and brings us the news bulletin, it is what wakes us up to reality and is, intentionally or not, supposed to stir us to face and judge all different issues. If even that does not take place, I am not sure when we will wake up.