Could these remains near Hodeidah be the Atlantis we are looking for?Signs of lost city undersea [Archives:2003/665/Front Page]

September 4 2003

By Farouq Mokbil
For Yemen Times-Hodeidah

Hodeidah, 2 September- Hodeidah University has uncovered attempts to search for signs of the most fascinating discovery in Yemen's -and the world's- modern history, a lost city deep in the Red Sea. The discovery procedures of the city, which some claim sank a long time ago in the Red Sea, have started one and a half year ago by Hodeidah University and the Office for the Protection of the Red Sea.
The story began when a local fisherman came to the office asking the manager to pay him 100,000 rials to lead him to a historical city in the Red Sea. After some primitive exploration, pieces of old pottery and other tools were found in the area identified by the fisherman, which is located near the cost and opposite Salal swimming pool, northwest of Hodeidah City.
Mr. Abdullah Al-Koli, General Manager of Tourism and Environment Office in Hodeidah confirmed that there are signs of such a city, or at least remains of some sort of human life. “I assures you that some persons in the marine field have found remains and that indicate the possible existence of the city. Some claim they have found entries, pillars, temples, and galleries.
He supported his claim by recalling remarks of a historian researcher saying that there was indeed a city that sank into the Red Sea long before the Islam, i.e., more than 1,400 years ago.
On the other hand, Mr. Kasim Burib, Rector of Hodeidah University said that a UNESCO Committee will come to the university to investigate the matter and look into the provided evidence and researches.
However, all those claims may still be immature and inaccurate unless solid proof be provided supported with pictures and video footage by deep sea divers. Until then, it will be impossible to convince the rest of the world of the significance of the current ongoing researches to unveil the mystery of the Red Sea's lost city.