Courageous Journalist Abdullah Sa’ad To His Final Destination [Archives:1999/35/Local News]

August 30 1999

Abdullah Sa’ad Mohammed, a pioneering Yemeni journalists, passed away last Tuesday. The news of his death was shocking and heartbreaking to the Yemeni people, particularly journalists. He died after an acute injury in his head due to his slipping from the roof of a museum during his visit with the President Saleh to Hadramout two months ago. Then, he was hospitalized in Amman, Jordan, where he underwent a coma until his death. He is laid to his last destination last Wednesday. A good number of journalists, government officials as well as newspapers’ editors attended his funeral ceremony.

It is worth mentioning to say that Abdullah Sa’ad was a tenacious, as well as courageous journalist in Yemen. Born in 1959, in Taiz, Abdullah Sa’ad had his M.A in journalism from Russia in 1986. Before that, he started working in the Saba news agency since 1979. He held different positions such as assistant managing editor of Al-Jumhoriah Daily, as well as of Al-Thawrah. He also worked as chief editor of Al-Shorah from 1994-1997. His last position was the editor of Al-Wahdah . Abdullah Sa’ad was an active defender of freedom of the press and human rights. He was also a member of different local, as well as international organizations in this field. Although he was seen as a mischievous journalist, his death is actually a heavy loss to journalism in Yemen.